Handicap Module

Through the handicap module of ProwareGolf you can easily enter your handicap mutations of all national and foreign scorecards via PC, tablet or smartphone. With our cloud solution, the members of the handicap committee can easily work from home or any other location with internet.

Plan your tournaments

The tournament module is clear and easy to use. With the numerous different tournament set-up possibilities, ProwareGolf is the benchmark for every tournament organizer. There are opportunities for individual matches, but also for other diverse multiple-rounds matches. Give your tournaments extra possibilities, players will love it.

(Re)Member me!

Interaction between the members of your golfcourse if crucial these days. Social interaction gives the members the best possible reason to stay a member! Make sure that members can find each other, plan a golf date and see who is joining in the upcoming tournament on the club. ProwareGolf provides a membership booklet including the possibility for members to upload their own profile picture and standard contact information.

Back-office made easy

Through the new back office feature, both secretary and committee members are able to perform their tasks quick and easy. Next to that ProwareGolf has extensive reporting capabilities to connect with for example your financial records, web sites, electronic newsletters and much more.


For more information

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