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The IntoGolf golfcourse management system is the most advanced system for commercial golfcourses. Manage your golfcourse, optimize your hospitality and organize your events in one system. The system is completely webbased, which allows the manager, marshal and reception to work both on course and remote. The different modules allow the different departments to work on and plan their own tasks, with eachother.

How do you use IntoGolf

The IntoGolf system is the heart of your organization. With the core functionalities in place, you will be able to link your relevant systems to the database. We have different connections already in place, which allow you to link IntoGolf to your accounting software, your app or different vendors in the industry. You can decide what you want, as IntoGolf is your own starting point for your business.

Planning and Teesheet

The teesheet within IntoGolf is the hart of the system. Running a golfcourse starts with the different possibilities you define for your members, corporate members and green fee players. IntoGolf allows you to create your own teesheet in the best possible way, to maximize occupancy and most of all your customer satisfaction. The possibilities are endless, with the different combinations of 9-holes courses.

IntoGolf free - Get started

The IntoGolf system has a lot of possibilities, which allow you to fully operate even the most complex golfcourse. If you’re only looking for a plug-and-play teesheet, there is also a possibility to start with the low-cost version. With this version, you are able to offer your teetimes online on your own website, publish them on our own portal or show them in our teetime booking app, which is called Birdy App. Getting you teetimes online, has never been easier!