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We are IntoGolf

The Total Golf Solution Provider

The best golfcourses collaborate with IntoGolf. Golf and golfcourse management systems cannot lack behind on the newest technology. IntoGolf gives golfcourses and clubs the possibility to manage their own online golf community to create a better golf experience for golfers. Thus IntoGolf has also created a mobile app for golfers to keep track of their scores and to easily book teetimes at one of the golf courses connected to our platforms. Connect with us today, your total golf solution package is just a click away.

Intogolf Golfmanagement System
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Golfcourse Management

IntoGolf is the most comprehensive golfapplication for organizing, operating and optimizing a golfcourse. The system is completely web-based, making it very easy to use and the system management costs virtually disappear. On the golfcourse itself nothing more is needed than an internet connection and a web browser.

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Book Your Teetimes Online

Easily find golfcourses, view available tee times, book flights and reserve golf lessons through our website. Moreover, feel free to cancel your booking at any time as this is all registrated directly at your golfcourse.

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Birdy Assistant

Online Golf Community

Birdy has developed an online golfapplication for your golfcourse! Golfers can click to make a golf reservations within a few seconds through their smartphone or on their computer via Birdy Assistant. Moreover, they can book a tee time, golf package or golf lesson, enter scorecards, find golf deals, or sign up for golf tournaments and invite friends.

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Birdy App

Best App For Reserving Teetimes

In the Birdy Golf App on your smartphone you can see exactly which start times are still free on your preferred golfcourse, what the current price is, book it on a few clicks and your minutes away from your round of golf! Directly after your booking both you and the course will receive a confirmation in the mail.

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The solution for golfinstructors

iGolfinstructor focuses 100% on the instructor, the academy and their students. Thanks to continuous input and feedback from instructors and academies around the world, iGolfinstructor continues to innovate, delivering the most extensive and advanced academy management solution available today

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Proware Golf

Manage Your Golfcourse in a Community

Managing your golf club or association is a lot easier. The data of your members are easily found and well-organized in Proware. You log on to the golf club, or just at home because Proware is accessible anywhere via the internet. All information of your members is managable, such as their name and address details, handicap status, and financial nformation as well as the possibility to plan tournaments. The system also gives you the ability to share your data with the Dutch Golf Federation.

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User Reviews

True stories of our growing customers and golfcourses
Lara v.d. E.

The past two years we have learned to more and more appreciate the user capabilities of IntoGolf and Proware. The functionality is expanding rapidly and we are proud that we have been able to contribute based on our experience.

Paul Bauman Golfclub 't Zelle
Nico Verbaan

Great that there was a possibility to book at least one lesson a day. I learned a lot from th e pro's. There was always enough time for personal guidance, I can definitely recommend it to anyone.

Lara vd E. BirdyLessons user
Ignas van den Heide

Not hole in one, but all in one! Excellent combination of golf features a golfer needs when he wants to play.

Ignas van den Heide BirdyApp user
Ies Bakart

A great concept with valuable lessons. Varied, with possibilities for everyone. Pro's are highly motivated and have time for all participants. In short: Highly recommended!

Ruud Oosterveen BirdyLessons user
Ruud Oosterveen

We are very happy to engage with IntoGolf and Proware and their team. The team behind the software coorporates very well, and responds quickly and effectively to our questions and needs. The query possibilities are endless and there are not many wishes that we have collectively been unable to achieve.

Margot van der Haagen Golf & Country Club Capelle