Find golfcourses easily

Easily find golfcourses, view available teetimes, book flights and reserve golflessons. Moreover, feel free to cancel your booking at any time as this is all registrated directly at your golf course.

Book your teetimes

Book your teetimes at any time of the day for you and your flight buddies. Through the application, this is done safely and for free to make your experience of golf even better.

Become a pro! provides the ability to book a golf lesson at your golf course. These golf lessons are offered at various golf courses in the Netherlands.

Your golfcourse in the Netherlands

Many choices! offers teetimes at 35 connected golf courses in the Netherlands. This therefore causes easy access to your favorite golfcourse. Log in online through our website to have direct access on the golfcourse.

Customizable design gives the possibiliy to golf clubs to share their preferences of design. Choose the logo and colors for your members and give it your own look and feel.

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