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Our story begins with the realization of an important merge. In 2016, Laurens, Justus and Mitch sat together to arrange the merge of IntoGolf and Birdy to encash the next big improvement for the golfsoftware market.

It was 1997 when it all started: Laurens took over Moret Proware BV which he developed further with his team at MMS. During this time, the dedicated team operated daily to maintain and further develop the leading software for the Dutch Golf World. A simple idea in practice, but also a field in which many competitors lay ahead.

Fast forward to 2013 and the take-over of IntoGolf happened. IntoGolf is a system that was initially built by Richard Knol, making IntoGolf the supplier and developer of the most comprehensive golfcourse management system of the Netherlands. IntoGolf additionally operates the popular website where golfers can book tee times, book tournaments and keep track of their handicap.

Though as mentioned before, there were many lurking competitors in the golfsoftware market; one being: Birdy. Birdy operated the popular application: iGolfinstructor, where golfers could easily book lessons with a pro. Moreover, as Birdy was also known in the Netherlands for the Birdy App for golfers and online Birdy Assistant application for golfcourses and clubs, the only next logical step for IntoGolf and Birdy was to start a collaboration to create the best possible golfsoftware out there for golfclubs, golfcourses and golfers. Justus, Mitch and Laurens decided on a definite co-operation on October 10, 2016.

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We proudly present the young, active and motley crew of IntoGolf. We entail a diverse team of different ages, but we all have affinity with golf, golfsoftware or both.


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